At Mako Health 4 Africa we supply our clients with fast ambulance boats (These range from patient carrying boats, emergency medical boats, hospital boats, clinic boat, water ambulance, water clinic, water hospital, floating clinics to floating hospital boats). We also supply medical equipment to both land based and marine hospital boats.

Mako Marine Health has recognized the need for various waterborne marine platforms to be used by the local health sectors to provide Health Solutions for its population living along the waterways and in its hard to reach areas.

We have developed complete Health Platform Solutions that can provide basic and critical medical care for the sector of the population that live along the waterways outside of the cities and larger established developments.

Our focus is on Africa and other countries that require simple and effective Mobile Health Platforms and marine hospital boats.

Our marine hospital boats are capable of transferring two patients simultaneously with three crew on board. Special attention has been paid to the internal layout of the vessel and fixed medical benches are installed. The importance of a spacious work environment, allowing for constant care to be administered around patients once onboard for the period of medical transport. The seating arrangement has the dual purpose of a patient bench or additional patient seating, allowing for various emergency rescue operations. Special considerations are given to the aspects of simplicity and robustness of the vessel with fixed patient benches, foldaway equipment trays and floating spine boards. All emergency equipment supplied is the best in it’s class, allowing transfer of patients from remote areas to hospital.

Marine Hospital Boats Solution Specifications

10m GRP FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat

11m Aluminium FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat

12m Medical Modcat

11m Landing Craft

22m Modular Floating Clinic


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